Meet Bransen

Born: 2016

Diagnosed: 2016

Bransen's Story: Bransen was born in July of 2016, weighing 5 pounds and 10 ounces, with a full head of hair. His mother immediately fell in love and had her world changed. After about a month, Bransen ended up in the hospital from what started out as a basic cold-- he just could not fight it on his own. One hospital visit turned into many more to come. At three-months-old, Bransen was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, which his family had never heard of. His diagnosis did not change the way his family loved him, it simply provided many 

answers, including an explanation of his health issues. At this point he had experienced Failure to Thrive, trouble swallowing, a poor immune system, and more. His diagnosis brought some level of clarity to his concerned parents.


Bransen has grown into a fun, loving, energetic boy who's smile lights up the room. His mother claims he is the "strongest soul" she has ever met. He always stays positive with a smile still on his face, even if he is not feeling well or having a rough day.


Bransen loves music, especially Bluegrass. He loves to sing and play with his instruments. Just like any other kid, he can be moody, but his family would not change him in any way-- to them, he is Perfect.